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This site will deploy wraps on any device (PC, tablet or smartphone) to capture data for Wabtec's rail overhaul business. Wraps make electronic route cards, business administration forms, managing documents, provide access to live reports and send automatic email notifications. Wraps are used internally, down their supply line and to report to their clients providing unprecedented co-ordination and reporting in the Railway Overhaul Industry.

  • ADMIN ROLE: AdminWorkgroup
  • COMPETENCE ROLES:  C-Mech, C-Elec, C-Weld, C-NDT, C-VB, C-Test, C-Cat3, C-QA, C-Paint
  • HIERARCHICAL ROLES: H-Executive, H-Manager, H-Supervisor, H-Staff
  • TEAM ROLES: T-Vehicle, T-Bogie, T-Wheel, T-HVAC, T-Procurement, T-Project, T-Client

Role Icons

Role icons depict badges showing a particular competence.


Bogie, Client, HVAC, Procurement, Project, Vehicle, Wheel

System Icons

Air  Brakes  Carbody  Diesel Engine  Battery Battery  HVAC  Interiors  Catering  Doors  Underframe Underframe Underframe Underframe


Class 225 overhaul wraps are live.

HST Wraps

Coming soon wraps for HST overhaul.

Online Data Collection

Collation of data with Wraps.